Nolwandle Lembede


Nolwandle is a South-African born BA Drama and BSc Geography student, who is all about embracing life and its adventure, its trials and its tribulations. She grew up in Rome, and then moved to Aix en Provence to complete her final year of high school. Nolwandle is arts and education centred and in future plans on building her own creative arts centre, as a safe space to foster the creative wellbeing of young people. The space will be catered for young people by young people.
After completing her professional placement year at an old age care home as a health care assistant in Bristol. It has become more apparent that the focused work Nolwandle wants to dedicate her life towards is the progression of community and cultivating healthy, safe, sustainable and thriving spaces in our society.

From the tender age of 16 Nolwandle was apart of the ‘NO Project’ in which she volunteered for a non-profit organisation tackling Human Trafficking. With the involvement of other students (student led initiative), Nolwandle has organised multiple events to raise awareness and funds for the non-profit ‘NO Project’. This role meant that Nolwandle gathered the school community through the show of live music, art demonstrations and selling fair-trade sourced products. The student-led community also managed to collect funds as means for the founder (Judy Boyle) of ‘NO Project’, from Greece to get to Rome and educate younger classes, teachers and others about the cause.

With the ‘Zambian Orphanage Appeal’, Nolwandle hosted charity based events on different scales to raise money for an orphanage in Zambia, they’d organise events collaborating with other schools. In the end, they traveled to Zambia in the summer with 8 other committee members. Spending a few weeks teaching children at the orphanage and helping with daily needs for the children.

Recently Nolwandle has been involved with the community at Bath Spa University through being appointed roles such as Course Representative for Drama, a Bath Spa Student Ambassador, as the ‘Social Secretary’ for the Geography Society. Nolwandle also had the honour of representing Bath Spa University as the NUS (National Union of Students) Delegate for 2020’, the conference was meant to be held in Liverpool, however went forward virtually.

Additional to her zest for education , young people and the student community, Nolwandle is also an aspiring performance artist and writer, currently she is working on a collection of writings, titled “If I loved you, I am sorry”.

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