Why Mentoring

B in Bath believe that creating and cultivating connections is key to growth, success and community. One way we want to build our community is through mentoring.

By sharing skills, knowledge and support we can empower others and ourselves to achieve more with our lives and careers. By sharing our time, we can develop new relationships and gain new insights into challenges, opportunities and events that might arise in our lives.

At B in Bath, we aim to provide mentors from a diverse range of backgrounds. We will work hard to foster mentor-mentee relationships that can be productive, collaborative and personal, considering all potential matches carefully and providing additional support throughout.

We encourage all B in Bath members to consider having a mentor and being a mentor to another member. By sharing our experience and skills in this reciprocal way, we can ensure the whole community benefits.

“Mentoring has boosted my confidence at work. It is great to know that there is someone I can talk ideas through with who is independent but has a similar background and experiences to me.”

B in Bath Member

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