Fitness and Wellness


Hi, my name is Teeah and I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Online Coach!

I help women to increase their confidence, develop and maintain a balanced lifestyle and to become the best version of themselves, whatever their fitness goals are.

Services include: Personalised training programmes, in-person and virtual personal training sessions (Zoom / Skype) and nutritional advice.

YvonneB Limited

An award winning women’s health advocate & self-care coach with 35+ years experience in the health & fitness industry, I work with busy overscheduled women, helping them prioritise their self-care guilt-free, by upgrading their habits so they can actively tackle life’s many demands without burnout & with increased energy

On a local level, I run Nordic Walking Classes, an effective low impact exercise that not only builds fitness, it increases social engagement in the great outdoors, building mental wellbeing and a stronger connection to nature, that encourages mindfulness.

I also offer online personal development courses, and an in depth self-care programme launching later in 2020.

If you are 50+ (or simply if this resonates with you), you are ready to secure your good health through self-care over medical intervention and you understand the value coaching, support & accountability brings to get yourself to the top of your to do list, let’s connect!

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