B in Bath

A networking, support and social network for people from underrepresented backgrounds in the city of Bath and the surrounding area

Our Mission

To be a network for professionals from underrepresented backgrounds in BANES. We aim to build a support system in which people can access advice, training and support, while also promoting collaboration, community building and integration.


We see a network as a powerful tool, not only to support its members, but as a resource to create change. Through collaboration, integration and community, we can create an environment where all can thrive.

We are passionate about supporting and promoting BAME individuals, those from low-income backgrounds, LGBTQ+ individuals and women in the workplace, as business leaders and business owners.


Renee Jacobs

Renée Jacobs

Renée is the Founder of B in Bath.

Yvonne Bignall

Yvonne Bignall

Yvonne is a Director of B in Bath.

Yvonne is an energetic and inspiring facilitator, coach and author specialising in self-care, health & fitness, nutrition coaching and confidence building skills.

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