Why B in Bath

Why formerly Black in Bath?

When I launched B in Bath (Black in Bath) a few months ago, it was not as I had planned. Anyone who spoke to me about it at the time would know that it was the early launch of something I had long been planning. The murder of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter protests and the conversations that were happening in the media and in peoples’ homes prompted me to launch one small part of a bigger vision. And that part served the Black community.

As the days and weeks went by, and I was having conversations about my original idea, and how I wanted Black in Bath to grow, I realised that I could not continue to solely focus on the Black community. It felt too far away from my overall vision and I released that to achieve my aims, I needed to expand the network. So I did.

Why B in Bath?

The vision for B in Bath is to be a tool for creating change in the City of Bath; supporting our members in their workplaces and businesses, and promoting collaboration and integration while developing and adding to the community of Bath. 

Bath is an affluent city, but there is also vast inequality. To create a city where everyone feels at home, safe and as though they belong is a challenge for all of its residents. By focussing on the workplace, as well as the challenges that business owners and leaders face, B in Bath can work to create that belonging in the place where a lot of us spend the majority of our waking hours and on an aspect of our lives that impacts our financial and mental wellbeing. Perhaps this says more about me than I would like, but the majority of my friends are people I met through work, when I feel successful it is (often) success at work that drives that feeling – my work-life greatly impacts all other aspects of my life. And so, B in Bath exists as a tool to drive change in one area of the lives of people from underrepresented backgrounds, and an area that will greatly influence all other aspects of their lives.

What next?

  1. To grow the network. The B in Bath network is only as strong as its members, there is power in numbers. Creating a place where people from under-represented backgrounds can feel safe, as well as grow and develop is key.
  2. Learning and support. Two of the themes that uphold the network are continuous learning and offering support to members.
    By attending B in Bath events, members can learn how to deal with challenges they might face (from finance to networking), and continue their professional and personal development. By taking on a mentor, members can focus on achieving their goals in a personalised way. By mentoring someone else, members can pass on their knowledge and skills and support others in the network.
    I am also keen to work with the wider community having conversations and creating and delivering action plans to ensure that workplaces, business groups, etc are best positioned to support their staff and improve on their diversity and inclusion.
  3. Create the model. I want to ensure that the B in Bath model is understood by members and potential members, and is repeatable. Over the coming weeks I will be working on a simple explainer for it. I will share it  when it is complete.

If you would like to be involved with B in Bath, become a member, or find out more, please get in touch!

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