B in Bath


A networking, support and social network for people from underrepresented backgrounds in Bath and the surrounding area.


We see a network as a powerful tool, not only to support its members, but as a resource to create change. Through collaboration, integration and community, we can create an environment where all can thrive.


Belonging Book Club

In May, we launch our Belonging Book Club. This new offering, for non-members of B in Bath, exists to support our learning and growth as a community.

Particularly over the past 12 months, a large number of books and resources have been published that discuss and address issues around race and racism. We welcome this. In order for us to create an environment and community where everyone belongs, we need to be able to discuss race and combat racism. However, we understand that conversations around race, racism, language and sensitivities, can be difficult to dive into. We believe that belonging is created with everyone in mind, so we want to support everyone to learn, grow and understand these issues.

On the Radio

In October, I chatted to Yvonne on Somer Valley FM about B in Bath and the work we were doing for Black History Month and beyond. You can listen again

Why B in Bath

When I launched B in Bath (Black in Bath) a few months ago, it was not as I had planned. Anyone who spoke to me about it at the time would know that it was the early launch of something I had long been planning.

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